Practical Information

N.B: This information is basic and could have been subject to changes. Cost of factors may have increased. For more updates, please contact the Council.

Types of companies

The main types of legal companies in Morocco are : Corporation (Société Anonyme) composed of a minimum of seven persons with paid-up capital of at least 50,000 Dh, divided into shares of not less than 100 Dh each. Limited liability company (Société à responsabilité limitée) commercial company composed of at least two associates with a minimum capital of 10,000 dirhams divided into equal shares.

Legal requirements for forming companies

They involve a negative certificate which defines the companiy's activity, statutes which must mention the type of company, its duration, its activity, its head office, the amount of capital, the nature of imputs and the method of distribution of shares among associates, the Patent service declaration, registration at the commercial register, and the publication and registration of statutes.

Investment financing

Investment projects have a wide range of financing possibilities : medium-term credits that can be discounted, long-term credits, African Development Bank credit lines, Moroccan-Foreign partnerships, USAID-guaranteed funds, European Investment Bank risk capital, etc... Interest rates for medium and long term credits are free.

Labor legislation

Morocco has modern labor legislation inspired by the conventions and recommendations of the International Labor Bureau. Wages are freely debated between the employer and the employee but cannot be less than the Guaranteed minimum interprofessional salary (SMIG) or legal minimum wage. The maximum working day is eight hours and the work week 48 hours. The weekly day off must be 24 consecutives hours. Workers qualify for annual vacation after six months on the job. The employer must register with the Caisse Nationale de Sécurité Sociale (social security) and register salaried employees.

Production costs factors

Water for industrial use : from 1.59 to 6.01 Dh/m3 depending on the area, with a fixed fee.

Electricity :power fee of 280 dirhams a year per KVA for high and very high tension, and 291 dirhams for medium tension. Consumption charges vary between 0.64 and 0.80 dirham per KWh for high and very high tension, and between 0.80 and 1.00 dirham for medium tension.

Industrial fuel :1 596,24 dirhams per ton.          Gasoil : 4,12 dirhams per litre.

Road transport : the basic rate is 0.38 dirham per kilometre-ton.

Railroad transport : the wagon rate vary depending on the type of merchandise and the destination.

Maritime transport : rates vary depending on the type of merchandise and the destination.

Air transport : departing from Casablanca, rates vary depending on the type, weight and destination of merchandise.

An appropriate infrastructure

Morocco has industrial zones equipped and operational on the Kingdom's main cities. A new program to set up more industrial zones is under way in order to satisfy the demand from industrial enterprises. Zones already completed are Dar Bouazza, Nouasseur Airport and Ouled Saleh (in the Casablanca area), Kenitra-Bir Rami and Beni Mellal. In addition, a program of integratd industrial parks initiated by the authorities comprises the creation of several sites where the equipment will be better adapted to the needs of modern units. This programm comprises the creation and development of four industrial parks :

- Two parks in the form of free-trade zones for export at Tangier and Nador.

- Two other industrial zones located in Casablanca and Al-Jadida.

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