Letter from the Chairman

elcome to the Moroccan American Business Council web site and thank you for the interest you are showing in Morocco.

The Council was created with several objectives  in mind. Foremost of all is to continue to nurture and grow the friendship which has existed between our two great nations since the time of the Declaration of Independence. As with all great friendships, a balance between diversity and homogeneity, in an atmosphere of mutual understanding, can only lead to stronger ties and greater friendship. These are the very objectives we hold dear at the Moroccan American Business Council for each of our members is an emissary in the attainment of those goals.

At our web site, you can look forward to articles on various topics ranging from the academic to the purely practical. A newsletter is available for our members in the members section and also in print.

Until such time as we may meet and wherever we may meet, as a friend of Morocco, I bid you

Salaam Al'e'qum

Moulay M. Alaoui


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