*Agribusiness: Morocco's Agricultural is the largets in the region in terms of arable and irrigated lands. its numerous temperate and semi arid climates plus a very long growing season allows Morocco to produce a wide variety of vegetables and fruit products.

Morocco is the world 's largets producer of sardines, and its rich coastal waters also produce enormous quantities and varieties of other seafood including swordfish, sole, lobster and cephalopods.

Morocco's agricultural system is extremely responsive to innovation and has the capacity to respond to positive incentives. Morocco's transportation and communication systems and its large low cost labor force offer significant comparative advantages for Moroccan agribusiness. Morocco's top five export categories which makes one fourth of all Moroccan exports : fresh fruit & vegetables, fresh and prepared fish, oilve oil, spices & nuts, prepared fuit & vegetables.

Some of the brightest future markets for U.S. investors are those for the production of more specialized differentiated agro products. These areas present great opportunities for the more sophisticated consumer oriented U.S. agricultural marketers.

*Electronics: Morocco's well developed electronics sector has some of the largest and more sphisticated factories in the region. Because of its large pool of skilled labor, engineers and experienced supervisors, Morocco is especially well placed to offer valuable advantages to U.S. and other foreign investors wishing to manufacture off-shore. Morocco has the capacity to produce all types of electronic equipment, including computers, semi-conductors, relays, hybrid circuits, transistors, radios, televisions, electronic games, telecommunication equipment, electric cables etc. All the support industries necessary to sustain the electronics manufacturing sector are avaible in Morocco, from metal and machine shops to industrial gas suppliers and electroplating facilities etc.

*Telecom: (Please link to this page for more details)

*Tourism, Hotels etc: In its efforts and quest for a larger share of the growing tourism market, Morocco is offering many incentives for foreign investment.

Morocco's long range plans include the construction of major winter resorts areas seaside resorts, hotels, marinas etc. to appeal to international tourists and business travelers, Morocco provides significant incentives to investors willing to build and operate hotel chains in major resort areas and to create recreational facilities such as golf courses and casinos. Government subsidized financing is available for many tourism related projects especially hotel construction. Additionaly several hotels schools have been opened amd more are planned to provide trained staff for the planned growth in this industry.

Located only few miles across the Strait of Gibraltar, Spain and Portugal, Morocco currently attracts 1.6 million tourists a year. Morocco four imperial cities (Rabat, Meknes, Fes, Marrakech) are rich in cultural attractions. Morocco's climate and geography attract many tourists to its beautiful beaches that stretch for 2000 miles along both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. Surprising to some is the fact that thousands of skiers are drwan each year to the challenging slopes of the Atlas Mountains. Flights from the U.S. and Europe arrive daily in Morocco where travel is made easy for U.S. citizens who do not need to obtain an entry visa.

*Equipment & Machinery: Morocco's skilled workers are employed by many international automotive companies to assemble cars, trucks, trains, and other vehicles. Additonally, Morocco's industrial sector a wide range of products such as electric cables, transformers, gas heaters, automotive parts and accesories, water meters, bicycles, motor bikes, pumps, irrigation equipment etc. Exports include auto components, clockwork movements, households utensils etc.The Government is stressing the importance of growth in this ector. It is providing significant inentives to attract foreign and U.S. investments that will enable Morocco to meet its domestic requirements and create significant export potential including agricultural equipment and machinery, diesel engines, transport equipment, construction and mining machinery etc.

*Textiles, Apparel, Leather Goods, Carpets: Morocco has always been known for the high quality of its handicrafted textiles and leather goods. Its hand knotted rugs are valued all over the world. Less well known is the fact that modern Morocco has large sophiticated textiles mills that produce large quantities of ready made clothing and accessories for world markets. The high productivity of these modern mills plus the skills of traditional craftsmen offer a great many opportunities for U.S. investors. Many firms including some world famous comapnies and designers such as Christian Dior, Cacharel, Yves St. Laurent, Boss, Ted Lapidus, Hermes discovered the advantages of contracting production of signature leather and textile products in Morocco.

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