Excellent Opportunities for U.S. Companies

The Kingdom of Morocco and the United States have been friends and allies for more than 200 years. In fact, in 1777 Morocco was the first country in the world to recognize the sovereignty of the United States of America.

Morocco and the United States signed a 50 year Treaty of Peace and friendship in 1786 and, during the past 200 years, have maintained a relationship based on mutual respect. This relationship and their commonality of interests were reaffirmed in May 1982 by President Ronald Reagan and King Hassan II during President Reagan's visit to Morocco.

Under the leadership of King Hassan II, the government of Morocco has made a commitment to strengthen that historical friendship and build even closer ties with the United States business community as it seeks to encourage foreign private investments in Morocco.

The climate for private investment in Morocco is excellent. Just eight miles from Europe, Morocco's strategic location offers U.S. investors a real window of opportunity to establish export platforms to the European Community, U.S. East Coast, Africa, and the Middle East. Morocco's political climate is stable. The transportation system is being expanded rapidly.

The govenment of Morocco has instituted major reforms and liberalization measures aimed at improving foreign trade and encouraging export oriented investment opportunities. An important fact for U.S. investors to note is that Morocco's foreign investment laws are liberal and offer generous incentives for

  • Joint Ventures

  • Production Contracts

  • Licensing Agreements

  • Direct Investment

Check the 1999 Investment Climate Statement produced by the Economic Section of the United States Embassy in Rabat. Also, The following link gives you a list of the many U.S. firms already taking advantage of Morocco's new pro business, pro investment economic climate. More information on the Investment Charter , Agribusiness, Electronics, Tourism, Equipment & Machinery, Textiles, Leather goods, Apparel can be found by contacting us.